With much consideration, all our culinary equipments including knives, utensils, spatulas, chopping boards and the likes are separated into six units with no intermixing strictly observed, in order to ensure the safety and sanctity of our customers.

Beef Red Curry


Veg Green Curry


Beef Patty



Main Course

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Queens Beef Stew

Slow Cooking

Take time off life’s mad rush, relax and enjoy the goodness of a hearty meal braised in love.

Norwegian Salmon
From the Oceans

From the oceans around the world to your table, savour every morsel! All served with an accompaniment of steamed vegetables.

Wan Gai Chicken Red Curry
Royal Thai Cuisine

Experience the magic of authentic Thai cuisine tantalise your palate. Only non-veg.

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Beef Pickle


Complements for your dishes.

Beef Noodles

Asian style stir fried noodles available in vegetarian preparation or a variety of your non vegetarian choice- chicken, pork and beef.

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Hors D’oeuvres

Beef Party

Beef Patty

Herb infused minced beef patty with aromatic herbs

Beef Samosa

Beef Keema Samosa

Crispy, thin wontons with a burst of beef keema cooked in aromatic Indian spices served with a complementary spicy, tamarind sauce

Ice breaker friends


Cheese Cake

New York Cheese Cake

Indulge in this all time favourite. Baked cheese cake with refreshing     homemade sour cream topping and seasonal fruits

Dark Chocolate Almond Cake

Dark Chocolate Almond Cake

Sin on a plate-slow baked and decadent chocolate cake

Delight your sweet tooth craving

Uncle’s Ark is a unique service that offers delivery of a range of products, from basic produce and everyday items to higher end luxury goods. It does all this with the utmost care and hygiene, ensuring a firm faithfulness to the motto ‘Health is wealth’.

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